Monday, April 6, 2009

April 8 Theme: Ox-Cart Man

He packed a bag of wool
he sheared from sheep in April.
He packed a shawl his wife wove on a loom
from yarn spun at the spinning wheel
from sheep sheared in April
He packed five pairs of mittens
his daughter knit from yarn spun at the spinning wheel
from sheep sheared in April.
This beautiful passage is from Donald Hall's Caldicott Medal winner, Ox-Cart Man. I am very excited to share this story with our Story Time kids, as it is probably my very favorite picture book of all time! If I had to pick one book that makes me weepy from the beauty of it all every time I pick it up, it would be this one (but I'll try my best to contain myself on Wednesday).
And as we're reading a very special book, we'll have a very special craft to go with it: we'll be making our own Ox-Carts! Also, we're going to have a special Spring-Time treat to celebrate the upcoming holidays!
Join us.
Wednesday, April 8
Clinton District Public Library


  1. Where do you get a pattern for an ox-cart? I am doing the book with my kids in a few weeks for a pioneer theme and would appreciate any info on it.

  2. Here at the library we have an Accucut machine, which is wonderful! We happened to have a foldable, 3D treasure chest shape for that, so I cut some out on card stock and called it a covered wagon (they were none the wiser). Then I had the kids fold it together, glue linen over the part that would be "covered" (canvas would work, too, but Hall mentions linen in the book, so we talked about was neat to have them touch and feel it) they colored the bottom half blue and colored things like apple barrels, brooms, etc on the two ends that would show the "inside" of the wagon and then we glued buttons on the sides for wheels. Some kids also made a stick puppet Ox to put in front of their ox-cart. Generally, it was fun, but hands-on. The only con was that the moms tended to be more confused by it than the kids, not sure why. However, they turned out cute. Next time I use the book, I'll post pictures of the craft, which is something I'd like to always do. Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. Thanks for the reply. I get it! That is what we have to do as teachers, 'be flexible'. I guess I can get any rectangular box shape and go from there.

    Sometimes all we need is a nudge in the right direction to get our minds thinking.

    Thanks again.