Friday, March 20, 2009

Photo Recaps of Recent Story Times

A big THANK YOU to moms for sharing your photos with me! I always try to remember to take some during story time, but it is one of those things that gets kicked to the wayside once we're in action.

Kids hold up their lion masks at our "March comes in like a lion" day.

We had fun making tiger puppets during our "Big Cats, Continued" story time.

Everyone loved the naked mole rat theme!

I am so happy that it was a success...I know it was an odd topic, but the kids really loved it. And my attempt at making play dough was well worth it! Whoohoo! All of our sculptures turned out lovely and very uniquely different, which confirms one of my personal goals with story time, and that is allowing kids the freedom of creativity and imagination.

Also: we've been blogged about! Check out one mom's shout out here.

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