Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Reading Program Activity Wednesday Theme: Monet

Well, Claude Monet was certainly creative! He was a french painter who pioneered the Impressionist movement (meaning he liked to paint his own impression, or idea, of what he saw). Therefore, we are taking the opportunity to learn about him and experiment in painting in his style.
His favorite thing to paint was his pond in Giverny where he had a bridge and beautiful water-lilies. He painted more than 250 pictures of his water-lilies in his that is love! And that is what we'll focus on during our Activity Wednesday, June 17!
We will also give back the tie-dyed t-shirts the children made last week.
Join us for this educational and super-fun event! Be sure to wear play clothes, as we will be playing with paint!
Wednesday, June 17
Clinton District Public Library

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