Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Reading Program Kick-Off

We are thrilled that registration is now closed for our Summer Reading Program T-Shirt Design Kick-Off! Glad to know people are as excited as we are about this super fun event. On Wednesday, June 10, 10:30am, we will use Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol to create our own unique t-shirt designs.

Please remember to bring a pre-washed t-shirt from home for each participating child. Also, this might be a little on the messy side, so be sure to wear "play clothes" (that goes for the rest of the summer, too! Lots of painting!). We have all colors of Sharpies, so this is all about making it your own and being Creative at the Clinton District Library!

Just so you know what to expect, here are general instructions:

1) we will first write our names on the tag of the shirt (if you'd like to do this step beforehand at home, that's great!)

2) we use plastic cups and rubber bands to select portions of our "canvas" (t-shirt) for decoration. The cups go on the inside of the shirt, and then the rubber bands secure them in place on the outside.

3) we select 3 markers at a time to experiment with a series of dots and lines in interesting patterns or abstract scribbles within the boundaries of the opening of the cups.

4) we use droppers to drip 20 drops of rubbing alcohol on each colored surface. Then watch the colors expand, change, and bloom into interesting tie-dyed patterns!

5) I will take all of the t-shirts to the downtown branch to apply the Summer Reading Program @ the Clinton Public Library 2009 logo and I will stick them in the drier to help the colors set. Then, each child can pick up and put on their cool creation the following Wednesday at our regularly scheduled event.

This is sure to be tons of fun!

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